• Life Lessons
  • One Million Fans

    This past weekend, I and some good friends lined up with 45,000 other runners at dark:30 on a chilly Sunday morning for the Chicago Marathon. The atmosphere was charged as runners stretched, jogged in place, ate their chosen power breakfast, listened to their pump up music, willed the jitters away and thought about the run ahead. The […]

  • Living on Mission
  • The Better Question

    Hi friends. This is going to be raw, but I pray will be helpful. And that it bring us closer to reconciliation towards God and towards each other. These are hard, painful days on many fronts. I don’t need to walk you through photos of refugee children washing up on shore or African Americans being shot by police. We’ve all […]

  • Obrien House Stories
  • The Toddling Twos

    It was July 17th, 2014 when we moved into the Obrien house. I remember the day well. I was moving out of my friends house and listening to “fight music” (Oceans I think it was) in my earphones, fighting back tears, fighting back fears, fighting for faith. You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet […]