About Me

Hi there.

I don’t like that this is a monologue. I wish I knew your story. I hope you find a bit of your story somewhere in mine and also experience the wonder and beauty of being made Imago Dei, in the very image of Creator God.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Awhile back, after a season of spiritual dryness and tormenting try-harder-ness, God met me at my place of desperation. He told me that He loved me with a tenacious, never-stopping, never-giving-up kind of love. That I was made perfectly well and right and whole because of my trust in Jesus. I could never be enough, so Jesus was enough. The shame melted away and sweet relief/heart-bursting love for this Savior started growing in its place.

I haven’t been the same, ya’ll. I am still the hottest mess, but my heart has found a Home. A place where I am so secure, satisfied and loved.

I’ve never really felt the same about people after that either. It’s like they all walk around with eternity stamped on their hearts —made in the image of God, made for relationship with God. I want everyone to know this man named Jesus that paid an unbelievable price to free us from sin and shame and empty lives and eternal separation from God.

Things like violence, genocides, minority cleansing, racial injustice and the stronger taking advantage of weaker make my fists clench and my tears run hot. It was never supposed to be this way. I feel pretty strongly about that. And as followers of Jesus, we are put here as ambassadors of a King who desires to bring everyone home, reconciled to Himself and to each other.

Life following Jesus and poured out at His feet is the best kind of life there is. It’s an incredible adventure. It’s hard and unsafe and wild and unpredictable and upside down and beautiful and soul satisfying. It’s amazing to live in the “more”, instead of constantly wondering if there is more.

I currently live in an under resourced neighborhood surrounded by the most beautiful community of people you can imagine. I’m happiest when around the dinner table with strangers and friends, drop-ins and drop-outs. During the day, I’m an Art Director at Life Action Ministries.

Also, camping along the shores of the Great Lakes, pie and French Press at 7 am, the night sky, the South Bend farmers market, exploring small towns and live music get me every. single. time.

God uses people and weaves our individual stories into His great story. But when you see my life and read this blog, I pray that Liza is a non-factor, that you see the beauty of Jesus instead and that you choose to follow Him with your entire heart and life.

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