Liza Goes to Greece

For a year and a half now, my heart has been heavy with the plight of the refugees. There are 64+ million moms, dads, daughters and sons without a home right now. I’ve wanted to be with them ever since I first heard of their suffering. Not that I can save them or even change things very much, but it feels important to sit across from them in real life and let the hope and love of God that is growing in my heart spill over in tangible ways.

So, next week, I’m boarding a plane for Lesvos, Greece. I’ll be working in a refugee camp, helping with logistics, relationship buildin—–Wait. Stop. Back up. Not sure if you caught that.

I’M GOING TO GREECE, YA’LL!!! I WILL BE WITH THEM!!!!!!! It will be a mighty reunion of my body and heart when I arrive in that refugee camp. Someone should probably warn them.

As you can imagine, I’ve been busy preparing: language immersion, packing the essentials, perfecting my documentary skills. It’s all going quite well and I think I’m being very mature about it all.


  1. Courtney

    How long will you be there??? Grateful to God for your heart.

    And when are you planning a trip to Indy to visit the Bells? Cause our 5 minute, ahem, 30 minute conversation wasn’t long enough.

    1. Post

      I’ll be gone for about 4 weeks… If I came to Indy for a “weekend” it would probably turn into a month. Are you sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment? 😉

  2. Amanda Seibert

    You’re adorable. Love this. SO EXCITED FOR YOU and can’t wait to hear (and see) all about your time in Greece!

    1. Post
  3. Linda

    Wow Liza!! So excited for you! Praise God for how He answers prayer, giving you clear direction.
    Are you coming back to your house or leaving everything open? How can i specifically be praying? Love you girl! Linda

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