Worker or Worshipper?

I am on a journey from being Martha to being Mary. I forget sometimes all the time that my worth and identity isn’t in what I accomplish but comes from my Creator alone, who wholeheartedly approves of me through Jesus, not through what I do.

He ever so gently brings me back from that ditch as often as it takes. As often as I forget.

It’s been a season of forgetfulness recently and I was just pushing through until a scheduled weekend getaway with one of my best friends. I finally made it to the weekend—tired and teary and tense.



We drove to the beautiful back woods of the Upper Peninsula, primitive camping on the shores of Lake Superior. As darkness descended on the first day, we brewed some french press, grabbed blankets and walked toward the lake.

I audibly gasped as soon as we stepped out from under the canopy of trees and the million twinkling stars shined down on us from the darkest sky. The northern lights were hanging just above the horizon and you could hear the gentle waves on the shore.

As we laid down on the beach and looked up at the sky, all the knots in my neck and heart started to be undone. All the striving and to-do lists and need to achieve were replaced by awe and worship of the Creator and receiving His love. Tears slipped down my cheeks as I knew deep in my heart that I was extravagantly loved and supremely secure in the God who fashioned the stars with a word. Simply because it delighted Him and it delighted us.

As I laid on my back, accomplishing nothing for Him, is when I saw Him the most clearly. When I understand His love for me anew. It was the gospel made fresh all over again. He doesn’t want worker bees, He wants worshippers. He doesn’t want us to work for Him, He wants us to be with Him. We don’t get to Him by striving, we get there by receiving and surrendering.

At the core of the Christian life is not what we do, it’s what He has done. This is the power to live a holy and happy life that draws others to Christ. This is the sparkle in our eye. This is the joy and hope that every human heart is desperately searching for.





  1. Courtney

    So needed to be reminded of this today. I’ve pushed the worker card so long now that even when I get the restful moments, my mind is still full of the to-dos. “He doesn’t want worker bees, He wants worshippers.” Yes!

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  2. Scott Richardson

    I am currently on a similar journey as yours. So far, what I have learned is something I already knew, but need to be reminded of often; that we all tend to be “Marthas” in our zeal for Him. It’s not that the serving that Martha was doing was wrong. She (like us) need to realize there are times that God wants us to stop and listen when He is speaking, like Mary did. Even Jesus himself had to take the time to be before His Father; to come apart and pray. I just encourage you to not fall back into the Martha mindset once you get back into the daily routine. (I’m talking to myself too.) The only way to do so is to have a set time to be with Him with no distractions.

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      Thanks Scott! Amen to setting aside time in our daily lives, not just on the shores of Lake Superior. Thanks for that encouragement!

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